Affordable CNC machine tool manufacturer

in China TAICNC


We have 18 years of experience in the production of CNC machine tools, producing high-standard CNC machine tools.


Has a large number of sophisticated detection equipment to ensure the qualification of CNC machine tools


We have CE and multiple quality management system certification.


About Us

TAICNC was established in 2000,earlier as a sales agent of a high tech PC based NC machine manufacturer from Taiwan,with the development of the mainland market, we built a new factory in 2006 and brought technique and management from Taiwan aimed to provide mainland customers a better product and service. Being through a decade growing and re-innovation,we have advanced technology and skilled technicians & service staffs.

Further more,so many companies manufacture CNC machines in the globe, but most of them are rarely like us focus attentions on building machines only. What makes us unique is that we are both a machine builder and a machining service provider once, to devote ourselves into machines innovation to help the customers reach their goals and we already have a great achievement here.Read more

Our Advantage



We have 18 years experience in CNC machine tool production and provide a variety of CNC machine tools.



Has advanced leading production facilities such as the pentahedron gantry machining center and guide rail grinding machines.



Has advanced international coordinate measuring instruments, laser interferometers, ball bar and other high-precision testing equipment.

Our Clients

We work hard to help many customers around the world solve metal processing problems and improve processing efficiency.



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